Issues with the Type Assignment

This week was spent doing a little research, pulling together a few illustrative photos, and wrestling, again, with CSS and HTML. Aside from problems placing images where I wanted them, and not where the computer apparently wanted them (this was solved by removing and adding text, punctuation, etc. from div class titles several times until I gained control), I really had a tough time with footnotes. For some reason, the box which highlights the superscripted number was huge. I was very, very unsuccessful at correcting this in the style sheet. It just wouldn’t change. I’m not sure why. As a result, my footnotes are not linked/live. They’re just there, in analog fashion. If anyone can help, that would be awesome.

I also commented on the following post:

3 thoughts on “Issues with the Type Assignment

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  2. Paul if you need assistance with Photoshop or image manipulation, let me know. The footnote aspect was a problem for myself, as well. Which of the sidenote/popup/endnote variants did you use?

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