My First Photoshop Attempts

Cat and Man Original

I wouldn’t say I was completely successful at cleaning up the man with cat photo, but it was fun. As you may be able to tell, I over-dodged his face (which I tried to correct a bit with the burn tool), and over-healed, over-dodged, and over-burned his right shoulder. I tried to counter my various mistakes by using the others. I didn’t work. I also tried my hand at removing something from a photo (see below). After I cropped the photo, there was another officer partially visible at the main subject’s left side. Because the background did not automatically back fill the area where the individual was removed from, I had to rebuild/replicate it. I did this using the clone stamp tool and then dodging and burning certain areas to remove any of the resulting lines or inconsistencies from using the tool.

US Officer

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4 thoughts on “My First Photoshop Attempts

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  2. Paul,
    The clean up you did on the right side of the cat-man image looks good. I like that you were able to fix the frame and cover up all the damage to the background image. Good work!

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