Image Assignment

Well, I finally finished it. Follow the address below for my Image Assignment.


6 thoughts on “Image Assignment

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  2. Paul–your image assignment is very well done! I am very impressed with the work you have done. On the first image, your restoration keeps the feel of the image, while making it much clearer what is in the photograph. Your hand colored image is the most impressive, in my opinion. It’s very subtle, but I think your attention to detail is very good. For the vignette and the matte, I think you did a very good job and kept the feel of the originals. What do you feel you have learned from this?

    • Anne, thank you for you comments. I learned a huge amount from this. I was originally only partially familiar with the free version that comes with your computer. So, I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to manipulate something in the full-on version haha.

      • That’s awesome! If nothing else, it’s great for the things that you did, like clean up old family photos or bring attention to a specific portion of the photograph. That’s worth it right there.

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  4. Hi Paul,
    Overall, great job on the images! Looking through them, I’m surprised at how much the restoration helped to sharpen and reveal information! The first photo is a good example of that – removing the frame and repairing the scratches and spots helped to pull focus back onto the figures. The hand-colored photo turned out great. I like that you have the knowledge to choose the correct colors and can speak competently about how the attire would have appeared had the photo been taken in color. The color palate you chose is really muted and I think that it adds to the overall feel of the photograph as well. The vignette effect was also effective – I can see how adding the emphasis draws attention to the man in the center. The final image – the engraving is something that I can see someone using in a header or as a larger background image – the engraving is clear and the matting looks really well done. Overall – I’m really impressed! Good work!

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